Psd To Html Conversion Steps

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Psd To Html Conversion Steps
The backbone of an online business is its website. It is the website which acts as an interface between the business owner and the customers. In fact, the number of visitors, sales and profit depend on the quality and design of a website to a large extent. Therefore, it is imperative to have a professionally designed website for your online business. PSD to HTML conversion is an integral and a crucial part of every website development program. A PSD or Photoshop format file needs to be converted in a markup language like XHTML, so that it can be placed in a browser. Without this conversion a website cant be launched in a browser.

Discussed below are simple steps involved in PSD to HTML conversion.

First of all, you need to get your facts right. Be clear about what kind of website you want and what all specific features you would like to have in it. This will help you to determine whether you need a professional web designer or not.

The next step is to analyze your PSD design. You should examine your PSD design thoroughly and understand the complications which may arise during the conversion process.
Make sure that you follow the right steps in a right order like splitting mock-up into HTML, adding CSS codes, header, footer and the images to be inserted.

After this, you need to incorporate PSD to CSS/HTML. Slice the PSD files into various layers using any image editing software. After completing the slicing, you can add or remove buttons, links and text boxes. Make sure that you integrate PSD format into a high quality and pixel perfect HTML codes. The right coding and conversion of PSD template into HTML will improve the quality and make the pre-designed web template quite unique.

Now you have to insert the content in the website. This is very crucial and should be done in a proper way. Add the precise and relevant content which highlights the theme of your website and conveys all the information about your products and services to the visitors.

Last but not the least, you should test your website with different browsers. Make sure that your website is accessible through different internet browsers.

Website development is a very technical and complicated process. It is always better to hire a professional PSD to XHTML programmer who can deliver the best result in time.

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