Inspiring Canvas Art

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Inspiring Canvas Art

Having a canvas art in our homes will definitely make it an inspiring place to be. It gives a distinct look rather than just having plain walls. Who would like to stare all day on a white wall? But you should be asking this question: where to find a store that sells high quality tapestries?

At Tapestry Catalogue

Tapestry Catalogue is a family business that specializes in the distribution of different tapestries, tablecloths/table runners, tapestry cushions, tablemats, handbags, bell pulls, gift items and decorating accessories. We are selling superior quality finishing by craftspeople from Europe. We also have excellent customer service that will reply to all your concerns.

Our friendly staff and customer service representatives will help you have an enjoying web shopping experience and also to answer your queries.

We are selling our products at a competitive price. We provide a terrific customer service before and after sales service.

We also provide you with a secured website wherein you can pay your transactions online safely. We are partnered with Paypal, which is the largest credit card processing company that will process the payments. This will give all our customers peace of mind and security while browsing and shopping.

Products at Our Catalogue

We are selling different designs of canvas art on our store. This includes designs of: Abstract, African, Animal, People, City & Country Scenes, Famous Artists, Floral & Still Life, Kitchen Canvas, Landscape, Large Canvas Art, Modern, Music & Sports, Nautical, Religious Paintings, Romance and Wine. We also have other wall art tapestries like Oil Paintings, Custom Wall Art and Hangings.

We also do kinds of wall art designs that will suit your eyes and also your taste, whether it is natural scenery, a mosaic art or a still picture.

These are some of the oil paintings that we sell on our shop: Bouquet Theatral, European Village, Caravan, Fragment of Inspiration, Sea of Fire, Watch Over Me, Garden Archway, Wildflowers and Music of Antiquity.

No doubt that these designs are of good aesthetic value at a price that fits your budget and will really makes appeal to your home, office or anywhere you want to put it.

Product Information: Pricing Advantage

There are some questions regarding the price of our products on how much will be saved on buying at our store. It is simple. You can check our prices against the competition. If they are selling their products much cheaper than ours, we will gratefully slash 5% on our product.

How much do I save buying from you? Even with a cheap price, you can still be assured that we are selling the finest European reproduction tapestries. We offer our customers high quality tapestries made in Europe at a competitive price.

If you want to have the finest European tapestries or canvas art at a price that you will regret if you missed it, browse thru our store at We guarantee you that we will give you all the best products together with our quality customer service that will aid your needs and queries. This will surely give you a wonderful shopping experience.