Graphics For Your Webpage

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Graphics For Your Webpage

Graphics! Gorgeous graphics! Have you ever wondered where all those lovely graphics come from that you see on some of those web pages? Right, me too.

I mean, there really is such a difference between an everyday ho-hum webpage and one that has stunning graphics. I only wish that I knew enough to actually be able to create such neat pictures, maybe one day…

I took some time to look at a number of webpages for no other reason than to compare what I would call very standard pages, against those with outstanding graphics. Now, I’m not talking about the in your face, knock down drag ’em out pages, but more the pages with tasteful graphics that are appropriate to the site in question.

It really has no bearing on what your page is trying to get across, but surely you will have noticed that some graphics just seem to be so much better suited to any given page.

Do you really need 25 different graphics on one page? I don’t know, perhaps if you are promoting some kind of video games to the youngsters, but I’m really not even sure about that.

No, what I’m referring to here is a page where you have all your text in place, but which is lacking in graphics. You need to get something that will be appropriate to your specific page. It may even be something as basic as a page template itself which you can build on.

Or do you need an order button? If there is something for sale on your page, you can hardly be without an order button, can you? But will you need a big flashy one, or something not quite so invasive. So, do you see what I am getting at here?

You might need a flashy order button if you think it will attract your target audience.

But if you are selling a low key item, that is the sort of thing which will send them running away. This makes it all the more important for you to choose appropriate graphics for your web page.

As part of this exercise, I did some searching to see what was available on the web with the widest possible range of graphics. I wanted to find out whether there was an “all in one” type of place where you could find more or less everything you might need in one go. It took awhile, and I did find lots of neat things out there. Some free, some you have to pay a little for.

What I considered to be the best, and you may have a different opinion of course, is one which has something like 50 different areas covered like a blanket.

Do you need a OTO for your site? Icons? Squeeze pages? Minisite templates? Hot niche headers? Certificates? WordPress templates? Sales page graphics? Different background graphics? The list is just about endless, and I am quite sure you get the idea.

And let’s not forget the video instruction. Yes, even that. Need video how-to’s on Adobe Photoshop? Creating web 2.0 graphics with Gimp?

It’s all there, if you need a graphic, any graphic for your web page, this is as good a place as any to take a look through. Stuff I had never even thought of before! Cool!

If you are getting going on your new page and need that special graphic for your webpage, take a look at it might be just what you are looking for.