Custom Header Tips For the Atahaulpa WordPress Theme

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Atahaulpa WordPress Theme – Custom Header Tips For the Atahaulpa WordPress Theme


Atahaulpa is a WordPress theme that can be downloaded for free. It is a unique, simple and professional-looking theme, perfect for bloggers and web designers because of its extreme flexibility. You can go to the WordPress official site to check out a preview.


The Atahaulpa WordPress Theme is created by Bytesforall.


– browser-safe

– fluid width, fixed width or even hybrid width (a combination of the two)

– over 200 theme options

– over 20 admin pages

– 1-3 columns

– Integrated Feedburner form

– rotating header images

– drop-down menus for pages and categories

– auto-resizing of images

– 4 extra widgets: Subscribe, Popular Posts, Recent Comments, Popular Posts in This Cat

– WP 2.2-2.7 and WPMU ready

– by-lines, section headings, footers


As of June 15, 2009, it got the average of a 4.5-star rating out of its 237 ratings and it also has a total of 176,169 downloads.

How to Download It  

1.) Go to the WordPress site and sign in.

2.) Once logged in, click on the Extend tab.

3.) Click the link for Themes Directory.

4.) Type “Atahualpa” in the search form.

5.) Click on “Search Themes” button.

6.) If multiple results were displayed, choose the one you like.

7.) Click on the Download button.

8.) Your download should start immediately.

Note: Downloads are free for everyone!

How to Add a Custom Header

1.) Log in to your blog.

2.) Click on Theme Admin or Site Admin.

3.) Go to the Presentation area.

4.) Click on the Custom Image Header.

5.) Browse for the header image you want to use.

6.) Open the image and click the Upload button.

7.) For images with size 885 x 125 pixels, it will be uploaded as is.

Otherwise, you have to crop it and click the Crop Header button.

8.) You will be notified that you have successfully uploaded your new custom header.

9.) Go back to your blog and click on the Refresh button. Your new header should now be displayed.

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